What we solve

What problems of yours do we solve?

There are many, many problems. There is only one real solution: raising your consciousness.

An important step in becoming essence driven is to train our mind to become less problem oriented and more receptive to new solutions and insights. This is inner oriented work in stead of outward focussed work. We need to understand that we are creating both our problems and our solutions. But each on a different level of consciousness.

We teach you how to raise your consciousness and help you find solutions.


Our body is the receptor of consciousness. Like a radio it receives information, but what it receives depends on what it is tuned into. Tuned into the reactive mind it can only receive information from the past, things already thought, old news.

Tuned into essence it will receive truth and well being in every moment. New insights and ideas will come up and lead us to solutions that are new and exiting.

It is our job to help you find alignment with your essence. To create a life and connect with others in a continuous state of flow and expansion, free from fear, false premisses and believes that do not serve.

We do this by helping you:

  1. to determine where you are in your process;
  2. to clear the connection with your essential being by getting rid of all the junk from the past;
  3. to learn how to become an essence driven creator.

The main focus is to become better and better in knowing the difference between essence and your reactive mind. To be able to determine, in each and every situation, where you are, where you want to go and how to get there. 

Braintraining and essence

When we are in alignment with essence, our brain produces specific brainwave patterns. We teach you and train you to produce these patterns yourself.  

To help you do it we use advanced bio- and neurofeedback technology. This helps us to get a clear picture of where you are and to track your progress during the training. It also helps us to determine which exercises and practices actually work for you and which don’t.


Keynote speakers

Topics: Innovation, Creativity, Leadership, Motivation and Inspiriation, Agility, High Performance, Brain and Consciousness, Stressmanagement, Neuroscience, Brainwave Entrainment.

Member of the Speakers Academy: https://www.speakersacademy.com/nl/


High Intensity Brain Training retreats to align with your essence. Get new insights on hacking your brain, enter new ‘altered states of consciousness’ and solve problems instantly. Group maximum 12 persons.

Breakthrough Weeks

Need new levels of consciousness to solve stubborn problems in your company, team or management? Contact Jan Nouwen: 06 4 185 1823

Personal Essence Brings

Train your brain into full alignment with essence and learn to manifest well being, health and happiness. Live training sessions and intensive hands-on coaching to help you do it, regardless the circumstances. 

Creative forms

If you feel you are ready for a more essence driven approach in whatever part of your life and work, contact us. Let’s get together and co-create something really new. We are open to any challenges.